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"My family and I had such an amazing and unforgettable time at the 2013 New York Children's Theater Festival. The play was so much more than expected and had our attention the entire time. The fun activities afterwards were so wonderful as well. My daughter made plants, face masks, did face painting, ate pizza and popcorn. The entire family truly enjoyed our experience. We walked away with huge smiles on our faces and still talk about until this day...I Definitely recommend the New York Children's Theater Festival to families of all ages." - Eileen Villanueva, Audience Member

"My daughter is only 5 but is the biggest fan of Molly Bloom Lately. She was singing...(a song from the show)..on CPW a few weeks ago and a nice lady said (with a high five) that it summed up how she was feeling that day. Thanks again for wonderful, beautiful and affordable children's theater. " - Nancy Gallen and Daughter, Audience Member 

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