Alumni 2013


The Tale of Jamie Freel: A Faerie Story
was performed on:
Friday, April 19, 5:30 PM
Saturday, April 20, 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM
Sunday, April 21, 2:00 PM

Ages 7 and up

Based on “Jamie Freel and the Young Lady” a Donegal Tale by Miss Letitia Maclintock

This new adaptation of a magical Irish tale blends theater, storytelling, dance and music to create a theatrical adventure for all ages 7 and up!

Martin Boersma
Ryan Feyk
Kacy Hopkins
Jessica Maria Kight
Valorie Kissel
Katie Rae Newcomer
Christine Perrotta
Katharine Scarborough
Krystal Seli

Movement Specialist
Katie Palmer

Lucas Syed

Lighting Design
K.L. Cullom

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